The V Lift

V-Lift Before and After

RadiesseAgeing causes volume loss and sagging skin in the mobile areas, and the youthful ‘V’ turns upside down with ageing:V Life Diagram

The ‘V’ lift is a new concept involving lifting without surgery. It is an innovative technique using Radiesse® for lifting, volumising and contouring.

The ageing process is a fairly complex one and can vary greatly from person to person. We have to understand the various facets of ageing in order to address the outward symptoms which include folds, sagging contours and loss of volume to mention a few.

We often refer to the ‘Beauty triangle’ which reverses as we age leading to sinking cheeks, uneven contour of the jaw line and loss of volume particularly in the upper face and temples. In younger faces the widest point is seen across the cheeks and tapering down to the chin giving us our imaginary triangle. However as we age the width across the cheeks decreases and the jaw line becomes less defined leaving it as the widest point and so the ‘triangle’ alters.

This same principal has been applied to the new ‘V’ lift technique giving shape and definition, reversing the beauty triangle back to its original position. By placing the product in the correct position both for lifting and restoration of volume the jaw line can be sharpened, cheeks lifted, temples restored as well as increased collagen formation, tone and suppleness.

V- Lift from£450
Consultation required to exact initial cost, each additional syringe is half price.

“Really thought my only option was a facelift but this is wonderful, my cheeks are back where they should be…”

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