L.E.D. Light Therapy Facial

A non-invasive, painless, relaxing treatment that has multiple benefits for the skin.

Using a combination of visible light (red or blue) and invisible infra-red light which works in synergy with the body’s natural processes. This can counteract the effects of ageing and support the healing of compromised tissue. The different lights target specific cells which are responsible for the synthesis and repair fo the skins supportive structure.

RED light stimulates collagen production which helps to diminish fine lines, dark spots, scarring and tightening. Blue light kills bacteria present in the skin to reduce mild acne breakouts and calm any inflammation and redness in the skin. In consultation we can decide together which treatment would be best to suit your concerns.

This treatment can be added to the end of some of the other facials we offer for a reduced amount. Please ask your therapist for more details.


L.E.D Light Therapy Facial from £30

LED Light Facial Therapy


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