HIFU a final rejuvenation is the latest celebrity must have and it is now available at The Beauty Spot Cosmetic Clinic. HIFU is the only non-surgical and non-invasive technology to target the SMAS, a connective tissue located between the muscular layer and the adipose tissue.

This is where most of the collagen and elastin for skin appearance is present. Using high-intensity focused ultrasound it is designed for skin tightening and lifting and skin rejuvenation. HIFU is especially suitable for treatment of skin laxity around the jaw, neck (ie double chin) and jowls.

How many treatments will I require?

This will vary for each individual. A course of 3 treatments delivered 3 months apart may be required to achieve the full effect.


Full Face from £225
Jowl / Jaw Area from £200
Neck / Jaw Area from £200
Neck / Décolletage from £200

HIFU Vaginal Rejuvenation

No need to go under the knife, this procedure uses a uniquely designed laser probe to carefully heat and damage the tissue surface safely, contracting fibres and helping to stimulate the formation of new collagen, it increases normal blood flow which helps to restore the strength and elasticity of the vaginal tissue as well as improve other problems as above.

Will I notice results immediately?

The final effect of HIFU does not come apparent until around 3 months. Chilbirth, menopause and ageing are just some of the things that change the anatomy of a woman’s vagina. The resulting effects can lead to : vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, lack of sensitivity, improving vaginal tightness and firmness, stress incontinence, reduction of bacterial infection.


Vaginal Tightening from £350


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