The Ultimate Body Sculpting Treatment

A unique blend of marine based ingredients is applied to target your problem areas. Including a specialised drainage massage to smooth the appearance of cellulite, boost the blood circulation and reduce fluid retention leaving your skin firmer and super smooth.

How it works

ACTIGYM is rich in peptides and glucides, isolated from Bermudan sea sponge, that mimic the effects of endurance training to improve body tone. ACTIGYM stimulates the skin-supportive collagen and elastin and speeds up fat burning. BODYFIT contains glaucine molecules from the poppy flower to stimulate fat burning and inhibit the formation of new fat cells as well as optimising fluid drainage.

In clinical tests over 56 days the powerful BODYFIT formulation showed:

  • 35% reduction in fat deposits
  • 20% improvement in firmness
  • 43% decrease in skin roughness
  • 7.5% reduction in water retention

The Ultimate Body Sculpting


Massage 45mins £35
Massage Treatment 45 mins £124
Includes purchase of the Homecare Kit

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